SKR E2b Series


The Mezz SKR E2b a snooker cue collection consists of 3/4 jointed cues paired with the V95 shaft, an unique adjustable 6 pie laminated maple shaft. The SKR E2b intricate design comprises of different veneer combinations in the ebony butt making it aesthetically pleasing to the eye. The cue features a patented weight adjustable system in the ultra precise SKR United Joint while the 6 pie laminated shaft increases cue ball control effortlessly.


Shaft ''V95'' 6 Pie Laminated maple shaft
Patented shaft weight adjustment system
Tip diameter 9.5mm
Ferrule Z-SKR ferrule
Shaft length 1050mm (41.3inch)
Tip Kamui black (M)
Tip diameter 9.5mm (0.37inch)
Joint SKR United
Butt length 400mm (15.7inch)
Weight 509~524g (18.0~18.5oz)
Others With 146mm (5.7inch) Extension

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