V95 Shaft V95 Joint

The V95 Snooker Shaft has shattered all boundaries in snooker by enabling a shaft to have more control and playability due to its unique design.
The laminated six pie Maple Shaft features an adjustable weight bolt system inside the SKR United Joint to assist with fine tuning your positional game.
With these newly innovative features in one shaft, it will surely increase both accuracy and power in your game.
Adopted Model :


<Z-skr Ferrule>

This revolutionary Z ferrule has similar characteristics to a conventional brass ferrule, but is stronger and provides more action to the cue ball.

<6 Pie Hard Maple Construction Technology>

A selection of high quality hard maple wood is used to make a 6 pie laminated shaft that is equivalent to the highest quality of a one-piece Ash shaft that all snooker players seek.

<Adjustable Shaft Weight Bolt System (Patented)>

The adjustable weight bolt system offers 3 different weight bolt options to adjust the cue weight inside the SKR United Joint. This system provides a more forward cue balance that snooker players prefer.