IGNITE 3C 11.9 Shaft IG3C11.9

IGNITE your game with the new IGNITE 3C shaft designed to deliver superior power and spin for carom games. Taking advantage of the characteristics of the carbon fiber, a unique conical taper was developed to maximize power output. Combined with the IGNITE front end technology the cue ball deflection is greatly decreased resulting in improved shot accuracy with English. Keep yourself ahead of the game by consistently delivering a smooth and stable shot with the IGNITE 3C 11.9 shaft. An unmatched experience for the player who's in command.


The IGNITE Composite Laminate Technology utilizes the layers of the finest advance Japanese composite prepreg materials. This design eliminates inconsistent shots caused by shaft variability while generating power, a natural feel and ultimate cue ball control.

The new responsive front-end design consists of silencer foam and the IG Powerplate that makes the front-end of the shaft stronger, more powerful and accurate while creating optimum flex with less tip end mass reducing cue ball deflection.