Power Break G PBG

Ensuring game winning breaks from the start, the all new Power Break G was developed using only the best Japanese carbon for optimum flexibility and strength. The Power Break G has increased cue ball control while producing immense power. The ability to reduce deflection during powerful shots as well as capture as much of the sweet spot during shots with spin is due to its high tech construction. The taper and balance Of the butt has been designed specifically for breaking, making sure the composite wood constructed butt works in harmony with the Ignite G Shaft. The combination of the technologies in the whole cue creates a powerful yet balanced break cue.


Ignite G front end

The three tiered front end technology consists of IGG Power Plate, Silencer Foam and the Sonic Tip. Impactful shots are sustained through the IGG Power Plate as the rigidity of the construction transfers the power consistently shot after shot. Increased feel while reducing weight and noise through the silencer foam provides for an effortless shot.

Power Break G Butt

Strength and flexibility was the core design philosophy during the construction of the Power Break G butt. Composite wood specifically designed with tapering and balance for break shots was used to maximise the power and performance of the Ignite G shaft.