Zan Tip

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Zan Tip Zan Tip

The ZAN tip is a high quality laminated leather tip composed of eight or nine layers of pig and hog leather. For each hardness, specific leathers are used which gives ZAN tips solidity and high elasticity. Using this unique approach, ZAN tips holds chalk exceptionally well. This in turn gives the player maximum control and consistency, no matter what shot they have at the table.

Standard Series

The ZAN Soft tip is composed of leather with high recovery and elasticity properties which decreases any hardening or stiffening of the tip.

The Zan Medium tip is a true medium tip. It gives a combination of a soft, long touch and without losing any grip or feel. This tip sets the standard for control, sharpness, elasticity and durability.

The ZAN Hard tip is known for having the highest elasticity of any hard tip on the market. It allows players to receive maximum power with minimal effort, without sacrificing any control or grip.

Premium Series

・Premium Soft
The Premium Soft tip is made from a precise section of the highest grade Japanese pigs skin. The tip then receives a special treatment which causes the tip to maintain its shape, structure and performance longer than any other soft tip on the market.

Premium Series

・Hybrid Max
The Hybrid Max tip is a marriage of two different tips into one, hence the hybrid name. The medium hardness pigs skin is the contact area, while the hard leather is used in the core section of the tip. This combination gives you a solid feel, but with less miscues unlike a standard hard tip. The Hybrid Max gives the player the power a Hard, grip of a Medium, and control of a Soft all in one.

Premium Series

・Grip Hard
The Grip Hard tip is made from the finest, highest grade Japanese pigs skin. It is processed through new dying methods, which make the tip hold the cue ball longer creating more spin, giving the player better cue ball control and the fitness to move it around the table.

Premium Series

The Boost tip is made from a precise section of the special treated highest grade Japanese pigs skin. The tip is the hardest tip among the ZAN premium series, but it grips the cue ball very well and apply more power to the cue ball with less deflection.