Stroke Trainer

¥ ―(税抜)




The Stroke Trainer is designed for players to learn how to straighten their stroke.

・Only use the Stroke Trainer for stroke drills.
・Do not shoot with a hard stroke when the Stroke Trainer is on youe cue. This will help eliminate any damage to the Stroke Trainer, cue shaft and billiard cloth.
・Use a soft stroke when shooting balls with the Stroke Trainer.
・Carefully attach and remove the Stroke Trainer from the cue to eliminate damage to the shaft.

Instructions for use

Attach the Stroke Trainer to the top of the cue shaft by the lower portion of the ferrule.

There are two main reasons for not having a straight stroke.
・You do not aim the cue at the target with precision.
(Correction of Aim is needed.)
・You do not stroke the cue straight.
(Correction of the Stroke is needed.)